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What does Microblading entail?

For those unfamiliar with the procedure, microblading involves the application of semi-permanent makeup, using colored pigments to replicate the natural appearance of eyebrow hair.

Our technique employs a handheld tool equipped with 6-14 ‘micro-needles’ to facilitate the pigment’s adherence, resulting in the creation of exquisite brows.

The effects can endure for as long as 18 months, with the pigment gradually fading over time.

About me

In July 2017, I made the decision to expand my skillset by undergoing the microblading technique training with Everlasting Brows. This step forward came after two decades of experience in eyebrow shaping and tinting.

The process begins with a two-hour appointment, followed by a one-hour second appointment to refine the shape, assess color, and ensure the retention of hair strokes. All these steps are encompassed within the cost of your new brows.

Additionally, we offer a complimentary consultation and patch test for your convenience

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